Order Best Multiplication Workbook EVER!Best Multiplication Workbook EVER!

More than just a multiple award-winning workbook, this is a comprehensive curriculum that makes learning multiplication easy, enjoyable and relevant to real-life situations. Written by a master teacher, it addresses how kids really learn.

Start by memorizing basic facts with lots of encouragement, practice and no-stress tests. Word problems (lots of them!) appeal to kids' interests and reading levels. Multi digit multiplication is introduced at three levels with detailed teaching guides for all 32 lessons. An introduction to standardized test content boosts students' confidence and courage before they face the stresses of the standardized testing environment; answers teach strategies for getting it right. Order the workbook NOW!

Winner of the Learning Magazine Teachers' Choice Award 2013PERFECT FOR TEACHERS:
Scaffolded approach to learning
Detailed teaching guides
Reproducible worksheets
Introduction to standardized tests
Certificates of achievement
Spring 2012 Tillywig Brain Child (Books category)INVALUABLE FOR PARENTS:
Building block approach
Detailed teaching guides
Practice tests for every times table and skill level
Tips for decoding multiple choice answers
Hints on recognizing standardized test traps

Dr. Toy Best Products WinnerFUN FOR KIDS:
Animals lead you through lessons
Real-life word problems
Fun facts about math, numbers and stuff
How to ace standardized tests and word problems

Best Multiplication Songs EVER! is a terrific companion teaching and learning resource! Works like magic for grades 2 to 4; remedial for grades 5 and 6. Kindergarten and first graders love to skip-count with the songs.

Students across the spectrum of educational institutions can achieve higher test scores with our FREE software, Best Times Tables Practice EVER! and Best Addition Practice EVER!

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