Behind the Scenes - Recording Session

Meet some of the people who put together the Best Multiplication Songs EVER! at Arrowhead Studio. (You'll want to be sure to take the photo tour on the Arrowhead Studio website.)

Mark 4man (right) made the multiplication songs sound happy.  Mark's professional background spans just about every element of musical direction and performance.  Mark had answers before producers had questions! Mark's favorite times table is fours, because fours are so important to music ... and to Mark 4man's name!

The friendly voice you hear is Jeff Wright (below right).  Jeff says, "I love working in music because it allows me to make people happy, cause them to think, and allows me to express myself."  If Jeff comes to your house for dinner, be ready with his favorite food: "Pizza and a big hamburger! Maybe both at the same time..."  Jeff's favorite times table is tens, "because it was the first one I learned."

Ryan Wenzel (below) brought the songs to life in the control room.  "My favorite thing about working in the music industry is being able to go to work knowing that I love my job because music is my life," Ryan says. His favorite times table? "Fives because it was always the easiest for me."  Ryan loves Mexican food, "because it is amazing!"

Ryan Wenzel at the controls

Mark 4man at the keyboard
Sample Mark 4man's music on CD Baby. 
Jeff loves visiting Disney World every year!Jeff Wright, vocalist
Corey Green and Jeff Wright paid attention to every little detail to get the songs just right.  That's why, at the end of the day, Corey exclaimed, "These songs just want to be sung!"

Jeff Green (right, below) added technical expertise to the production team.  Jeff produced the marketing videos after Ryan produced the master CD of the multiplication songs.

It was obvious from the photo below that Corey Green was having a great time in the studio during the recording of Best Multiplication Songs EVER!

Corey Green, producer and Jeff Wright, vocalist
Corey Green Jeff Green, technical consultant
Making the videos was a lot of fun, too.  Tom Green (below) provided the voice and Corey Green played  piano for the video introduction.

Tom Green, lyricist, narratorTom wrote the lyrics to match simple tunes for each of the songs. Tom's favorite times table is twelve, because he was in Cadet Squadron 12 at the US Air Force Academy. The squadron was called the Dirty Dozen.

Corey Green
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