Awards for Best Multiplication Songs EVER!
Spring 2012 Tillywig Brain Child (Audio category)

Kids often struggle with their multiplication tables, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Spring 2012 Tillywig Brain Child (Books category)

Just as many of us learned our ABCs almost without trying by singing them to the tune of 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,' kids can now memorize times tables to the tune of eternal favorites like 'Pop Goes the Weasel,' and 'My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean.' The specially written, easy-to-memorize lyrics are playful and efficient. With a different song for each times tables 1 through 12, (and another for multiplication by zero), kids can sing the whole kit and caboodle in just 8 minutes. Each of the 13 songs appears twice, once with lyrics and once without, enabling kids to practice both ways. This is also a wonderful tool to use along with the Best Multiplication Workbook EVER! (See current Tillywig review under Books). An engaging, fun, spirited approach to learning something every one of us needs to know!

Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products 2011
and Dr. Toy's 10 Best Educational Products

This CD is a highly effective and inexpensive learning tool for children produced by Corey Green, National Board Certified Teacher and children's book author.

Dr. Toy Best Products Winner

Children learn their ABCs by singing the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. It's powerful learning. People still sing this little tune as they alphabetize words. Best Multiplication Songs EVER! helps kids learn multiplication just as easily. Simple lyrics. Kids can sing the times tables in 8 minutes. Kids can even count on their fingers during testing as they sing the songs to themselves. Just like the alphabet, kids will easily learn the times tables.

Students can access their times tables using multiple intelligences: linguistic, logical/mathematical, musical, and bodily kinesthetic. The result is that students learn more quickly, more permanently, and make connections to learning. In teacher terms, the songs build a prior knowledge.

Order Now: Best Multiplication Songs EVER!Times tables are boring, difficult, and abstract to most children. The songs put the times tables in students' heads--prior knowledge that makes the task of memorization easier. Children will enjoy singing the songs as they complete multiplication practice sheets. The CD includes music-only performance tracks to make it easy to reinforce learning through repetition and kinetic activities. As further value-added enhancements, additional free resources are available on the website, including free computer programs that can be downloaded for kids to practice and take timed multiplication tests.

Dr. Toy: Stevanne Auerbach, PhD

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