Best Multiplication Workbook EVER! is a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on kids: how they think, how they learn, what they like.

  • Building block approach to memorizing times tables 0 -12
  • Practice tests for every times table and skill level
  • Multi digit multiplication (three levels) with teaching guides
  • Word problems appeal to kids' interests and reading levels
  • Tips for decoding multiple choice answers
  • Hints on recognizing standardized test traps
  • Answers to standardized test practice teach winning strategies

Best Multiplication Workbook EVER! is remedial for intermediate grades, including middle school math classes and junior high school math classes. More info. AWARDS and REVIEWS. Order now!

Best Multiplication Workbook EVER!

Best Multiplication Songs EVER!  help kids learn their times tables as easily as they learned their A-B-Cs.  These songs make it easy to reinforce learning through repetition and kinetic activities. The result is that students learn more quickly, more permanently, and make connections to learning.

Our tips and hints on teaching times tables with multiplication songs are proven successful!  Watch the information video and listen to sound clips from the CD.

Best Multiplication Songs EVER!  work like magic for grades 2 to 4; the songs are remedial for grades 5 & 6.  More infoAWARDS and REVIEWS.  Order now!

Best Multiplication Songs EVER!

Free Resources: Students across the spectrum of educational programs can achieve higher test scores with our FREE software.

Download Best Times Tables Practice EVER! and practice your times tables on your own computer.

Download Best Addition Practice EVER! and practice 0 through 12 addition problems on your own computer.

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